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  2. Dr. Steven R. Gerst: The Future in Healthcare Is Here. Remote Patient Monitoring Achieves Great Success With Continually Advancing Technology.(
  3. Dr. Steven R. Gerst: With 5G, Narrow-Band Connected Medical Devices, Home Security Companies May Become the Dominant Providers of Secure, HIPAA Compliant Digital Medicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Under MACRA, MIPS and APM Legislative Initiatives. News Wire.  September 6, 2016.     (
  4. Digital Medicine/Remote Patient Monitoring is Expected to Save $305 Billion. News Wire.  September 2, 2016.     (
  5. Dr. Steven R. Gerst: The Future in Healthcare Is Here. Remote Patient Monitoring Achieves Great Success With Continually Advancing Technology. (July 5, 2016). (
  6. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – a Projected $37.7 Billion Market – Requires Actionable EMR Connections to Create Value.  (March 1, 2016). (
  7. Remote Health and Home Patient Monitoring Achieves Staggering Growth in 2015.  (December 28, 2015). (
  8. Steven R. Gerst: Remote Health and Home Patient Monitoring Achieves Staggering Growth in 2015.  News Wire.  December 28, 2015.     (
  9. Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare Delivery for Many.  (September 21, 2015). (
  10. Dr. Steven R. Gerst: Telemedicine Is the Future of Healthcare Delivery for Many.  News Wire.  September 15, 2015.     (
  11. The Next Generation of Telemedicine Will Bring Great Innovation, Promising a Better Quality of Life for the Aging Population.  (August 25, 2015). (
  12. The Explosion of Telemedicine via the ‘Internet of Things’.  (July 14, 2015). (
  13. Steven R. Gerst: The Growing Impact of Telemedicine on the Delivery of Healthcare.  News Wire.  June 22, 2015.     (
  14. The Growing Impact of Telemedicine on the Delivery of Healthcare.  (June 22, 2015). (–Delivery-of-Healthcare-3947483)
  15. Telemedicine Takes Hold in Health Care Industry, Providing Valuable Alternatives to the Traditional Model of Delivery.  (June 11, 2015). (
  16. The Affordable Care Act Has Created a Remarkable Transformation in Healthcare.  (March 14, 2015). (
  17. Steven R. Gerst Talks About How Obamacare and 2015 Deadline for Digital Medical Records. (July 29, 2014). (
  18. Steven R. Gerst Discusses Health Informatics: Integrating Science and Technology Will be Crucial to the Affordable Care Act Reforms.  (April 18, 2014). (
  19. 3Qs With… Steven Gerst. While many fear that the slew of health care laws and regulations may chill dealmaking, there is a silver lining, Gerst says…Mergers & Acquisitions News. August 14, 2013. (
  20. When it Comes to ICD-10, Preparation is Everything – Jvion Preparation is Everything. Addressing ICD10’s negative revenue impacts before they happen, by Steven R.Gerst, MD, MBA, MPH, CHE. Jvion Senior Medical Advisor
  21. Selecting the Right ICD-10 Financial Risk Assessment Provider
    Sep 26, 2012 – “We wanted to address a gap in the industry,” explained Dr. Steven 
    GerstJvion Chief Medical Officer and one of the article’s co-authors.
  22. How to get some help assessing ICD-10 financial risk | ICD10 Watch Sep 21, 2012 – According to Steven Gerst, Chief Medical Officer at Jvion, and Aman Khanna, director of medical informatics at Jvion, discuss key questions 
  23. A provider’s guide to developing an ICD-10 financial risk … September 19, 2012 | Steven Gerst, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Jvion; Aman Khanna – Director of Medical Informatics at Jvion. Developing a Request for Proposals
  24. Is Your Hospital Creating an ACO? : Current Articles: South Florida … Is Your Hospital Creating an ACO By Steven Gerst, MD, MBA, MPH, CHE  models to prepaid, capitated and bundled payments by episodes of care.  To apply for these contracts, the hospital must take 3 years of claims data, apply the CMS Formula..
  25. ACOs: A Call to Arms for Radiology | Health Imaging Sep 14, 2012 – Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have befuddled imagers,  for radiologists to takecharge of defining imagings role in the ACO  Steven Gerst, MD, argued that radiologists should request aseat at  01.01.13 Scheduled deadline for establishment of National Pilot Program on Payment Bundling.
  26. Healthcare Reform – MZI HealthCare April 2012. White Paper. Healthcare Reform. Successful Strategies for IT-Enabled Transformation in an Era ofAccountable, Coordinated Care. By Dr. Steven Gerst. Acting Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.MZI HealthCare, LLC
  27. Accountable Care Organizations Could Dramatically Affect Radiology Practice.  Diagnostic Imaging. December 13, 2010. ( with StevenR. Gerst, MD by the Editor, Diagnostic Imaging:
  28. Clinical Decision Support Systems: A Conversation with Steve Gerst, MD.” RT Image.  November 11, 2010.     (
  29. Driving Radiology Gainsharing in Accountable Care Organizations through Clinical Decision Support. and,  October, 2010.
  30. US Healthcare: America At The Crossroads, International Medical Travel Journal Online. ( London. 2008
  31. Health Savings Accounts, Atlanta Tribune: The MagazineOctober 2007.