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Health Informatics Leader

Dr. Steven R. Gerst, Health Informatics Leader, Now Collaborating With University of Miami to Assist in Research and Generate Innovation in Healthcare.

Dr. Steven R. Gerst has been appointed to the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine to pursue new knowledge and breakthroughs in innovative approaches that will improve the delivery of healthcare to patients in the U.S. Visit: for a complete update in the field of Health Informatics.

Dr. Steven R. Gerst has an extensive background in the field of Health Informatics, and is considered a top expert in the arena among his peers. A graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (M.D.), Columbia College (B.A.), Columbia School of Public Health (M.B.A.) and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University (M.B.A.), Dr. Gerst is responsible for helping to drive elemental change within the healthcare industry.  He is also a licensed Healthcare Investment Banker (Series 7, 66 and 82) with StillPoint Capital, LLC (Tampa, Florida) and has recently completed a program at the Wharton School of Business in Private Wealth Management with the Institute for Private Investors.

Previously, Dr. Gerst has worked with the Broward Health System, Memorial Health System, and Jackson Memorial Health System on projects involving Florida Statewide ITN Medicaid, which impacted over half a million Medicaid patients in South Florida. He is also a Diplomat in the American College of Healthcare Executives, and lectures on the subject of Health Informatics, and how it is transforming the healthcare industry as the need for new “connected” medical device technologies continues to rapidly grow.

Dr. Steven R. Gerst joins forces with the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine to drive research and development forward in the healthcare industry.

New device and curative technologies are needed to revolutionize the areas of diagnostics, therapeutic imaging, interventional procedures, and patient treatment administration. This need is more urgent than ever before, due to the Affordable Care Act, as well as the demand for improved therapies to treat our aging population. Dr. Gerst has lectured on this topic in depth, and now has joined the University of Miami to develop intellectual property for commercialization and mentorship for the Miller School of Medicine faculty and staff. With great enthusiasm, Dr. Steven Gerst assumes his new role as “Entrepreneur in Residence” to the Miller School of Medicine, U Innovation, Office of Technology Transfer, Office of the Chief Innovation Officer & Vice Provost for Innovation.

Dr. Steven R. Gerst takes appointment with UM’s Miller School of Medicine – the only academic medical center in South Florida, renowned worldwide for research, patient care, and education. 

The University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine’s faculty, staff and students work toward new cutting edge techniques and inventions for improving human health on a continual basis. Their progress bridges varied disciplines, and they collaborate with other institutions and corporate partners to propel research from “bench to bedside”.

UM’s Miller School of Medicine is currently working on more than 2,000 developing projects[i], and its researchers continuously make progress in labs and clinical trials, as they work to eradicate devastating diseases like diabetes, cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. With over $260 million received annually from public and private agencies to conduct nationally and internationally recognized research, build state of the art facilities, and support graduates and post doctoral trainees, UM’s Miller School of Medicine is embarking on a new decade with powerful tools at hand to access, analyze, and store a vast amount of complex research data.

As Dr. Steven Gerst joins the University of Miami, he eagerly anticipates his role in the research and development of technologies that will be central to the revolution that is taking place in Healthcare. To learn more about Dr. Steven R. Gerst and his new role at University of Miami, visit: